117 periodistas muertos

2004 ha sido el peor año para los periodistas en la última década, según el recuento que hace el International News Safety Institute:

More news media staff were killed in 2004 than in any year at least since 1994, largely because of the extreme dangers involved in covering the Iraq conflict, according to records maintained by the International News Safety Institute.

A total of 117 journalists and support staff such as drivers and translators were confirmed to have died gathering the news around the globe -- 42 of them in Iraq. Two more went missing in the course of the year.

La guerra de Irak es la causa determinante del aumento de víctimas. Pero no conviene olvidar que no son los reporteros que cubren guerras de forma regular los que corren más riesgos:

"It's a frightening fact that, as in previous years, most journalists who died were not specially-trained international war correspondents parachuted knowingly into danger but people covering daily stories in their own conflicted countries. Too many elements -- criminals and other shadowy death squads who prefer darkness to light -- find murder to be the most effective form of press censorship," said Rodney Pinder.