¿Adiós a las armas?

Abú Mazen no ha esperado a ser elegido presidente de la Autoridad Palestina para dejar claro el camino que deberían adoptar sus compatriotas. En una entrevista a un diario árabe que se edita en Londres, ha dicho que hay que poner fin a la violencia como forma de lucha contra la ocupación israelí:

In an interview with the London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq al-Awsat published Tuesday, Abbas said Palestinians should resist Israeli occupation without resorting to violence.

It is important to "keep the uprising away from arms because the uprising is a legitimate right of the people to express their rejection of the occupation by popular and social means," Abbas said.

"Using the weapons was harmful and has got to stop," Abbas said, referring to shootings and bombings by Palestinian militants that have killed hundreds of Israelis since the outbreak of fighting in September 2000.